• jamie lew

    creative & graphics

    It is in the essence of human nature to want to understand… each other, ourselves, and the world around us. Dance feels and makes us feel in return, fostering an understanding beyond the limits of language, culture, and experience.
    - jamie lew

    Jamie is an artist and culture creator. Having recently graduated from University of Southern California's theatre design program, Jamie is a trained scenic designer and multimedia artist. Her passion for pop culture and the ephemeral nature of live performance have led her to work with visionaries such as Amy Tinkham, Nikos Lagousakos, Nina McNeely, Tom Buderwitz, and Takeshi Kata. Whether sketching storyboards or developing the emotional content of a piece, Jamie is ultimately interested in creating the moment when every member of an audience feels oddly at home, sitting in a theater full of strangers.

  • lynn givens

    hero & ambassador

    The feeling a Dancer has when dancing is like hearing the heart speak. Dance changes lives!
    - lynn givens

    Lynn's passion and vision have led her to a successful career as a producer in both live theatrical productions, television and feature film. Lynn began her career as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Her passion for dance and vision as an artist contribute to her unique sensibility and vision, when it comes to specialty and theatrical talent.

    Her credits include the Dubai Royal Wedding earlier this year, the Motown Pre-Game show for Super Bowl XL with Stevie Wonder and highly acclaimed live special for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences titled TV Moves! That same passion, creativity, and impeccable production skills have also given her the experience she needed to propel her into the arena of producing feature films. Over the past few years she has produced and worked with Oscar-winning talent and award winning directors, producers, writers, and technical crews. Feature films include, Co-Produced in Secret, starring Jessica Lange, Disconnect, starring Jason Bateman, and was the associate producer for The Grey, starring Liam Neeson, and The Details, starring Tobey Maguire.

  • vanessa weingarten

    hero & ambassador

    Dance is more than a non verbal form of communication or expression. It is a channel that everyone can connect to, which binds us as equals all around the world. Whether one's movement is choreographed, free-styled, or pedestrian, its effects can be seen throughout the globe.
    - vanessa weingarten

    Vanessa is an artist focused on building communities, creating sustainable dance environments, and ultimately, helping share the stories of those around her in an effective and positive way. She is a Junior at The University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in dance with an emphasis in production. Driven by the tightly knit surroundings and diverse dance community in Boulder as well as her hometown of Los Angeles, California, Vanessa has been led into the world of various forms of dance. Ranging from modern, African, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop, the universal and cultural diversity of movement is her main inspiration.

    By working as a stage manager and production assistant at CU Boulder’s Dance Department, Vanessa has received a greater understanding of the hands on process of production. Being educated in the fields of lighting, sound, electrical, costume design, and management, all play into her ability to build memorable and transformative experiences. Vanessa also works within the Boulder community to help advance and maintain the world of street dance through productions like Murmuration.

    Vanessa is a passionate dancer who not only strives to put on entertaining productions, but to also be able to evoke an emotional response from her audience. She aims to diversify the world of concert dance through street dance and cultural knowledge taught to her by her schooling and experiences.

  • suzanne easter

    hero & ambassador

    Dance allows us to communicate emotions that cannot always be express through words. Dance speaks from the heart. It is pure and honest expression that can overcome barriers of language and culture. The Global Dance Initiative allows us to communicate globally using the universal language of dance.
    - suzanne easter

    Suzanne Easter is a native of Los Angeles. She started out as a gymnast at age ten and began dancing at age fifteen. It was obvious from the start that she was a natural. At age twenty she was awarded a coveted scholarship with Jackie Sleight at Edge Performing Arts Center. Shortly after she began working professionally. Suzanne has worked with legendary choreographers such as Michael Peters, Debbie Allen and Jamie King. She also put her gymnastics training to good use as a stunt double for Olympic Gold Medalist, Dominique Dawes. During her career she has appeared in numerous television shows and music videos with artists such as Britney Spears, Prince and Usher, just to name a few. She has also worked in films, musicals, sports print ads as well as live concert tours with artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire and Cher. Suzanne now works behind the camera but is still active within the dance community.

  • cindy bertram

    & consultant

    I have never danced, but I’m an enthusiastic fan! As a writer, what is the most striking to me is the stories a dancer can tell with their body and movement – a story that transcends words and touches the viewer, in a way that is beautiful - and powerful.
    - cindy bertram

    Cindy Bertram is a seven-time Telly award-winning writer/producer with more than 20 years experience in all different areas of the television and print industries. With work ranging from numerous HGTV series and specials including Extreme Homes, HGTV Dream Home and White House Christmas to the hundreds of branded content assets for Food Network, HGTV, DIY Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel – as well as a long-running and wildly popular column in the Los Angeles Times, Cindy brings her personal voice to her work in a way that is on-target, humorous at times - and always full of heart, in every word she writes.

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