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Join the MOVEMENT! By becoming a Global Dance Initiative DELEGATE, you will make a difference in our world – helping to raise awareness & spread the word – about how Dance HEALS, CONNECTS & INSPIRES!

Please fill out our application – and once accepted, you will be listed our on our site as an official DELEGATE. We will send you a GDI Delegate Badge to place on your own Social Media sites, and to use in your outreach.

Here are just a few ways you can TAKE ACTION! as a Global Dance Initiative DELEGATE

  • Research & Nominate Dance Heroes in your local or virtual community
  • Volunteer to help a local Dance HERO
  • Become on our JOURNALISTS - Write and share the stories of our GDI Heroes!
  • Raise funds for a GDI Dance HERO
  • Do a GDI Presentation at your school, local dance schools and other community events
  • Start a program of your own using Dance to Heal, Connect or Inspire!
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