Drea’s Dream

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When we experience the loss of someone we love – most especially a child – it’s almost impossible to figure out how to carry forward, and how to heal a heart that carries that person so deeply inside.  I recently had the honor of meeting Susan Rizzo Vincent, the founder and spirit behind Drea’s Dream.  Susan’s daughter was lost too young.  Andrea Rizzo’s dream was to become a dance/movement therapist, and work with children in need.  Drea’s Dream has become real.  Drea’s spirit is a part of our world now in a way that is stunningly beautiful.  Her spirit LIVES in the children and teens with cancer, in hospitals nation-wide, who are touched physically and emotionally by the movement & dance therapy that they experience.

patient with RumerThe Andréa Rizzo Foundation funds Dréa’s Dream dance/movement therapy programming for children with cancer and special needs.  It brings an unexplainable healing energy – more powerful than can be put into words.  And when a child is sick, their illness affects the family, and everyone around them, in a way that is sometimes overlooked.  But when that child smiles, or has a good day, as a result of this work, the effect is profound… for everyone in their life – even their nurses and caregivers.

Each year they work with their national spokeswoman, Carrie Ann Inaba, to fulfill the wish of a young patient to visit the set, and see a live taping of Dancing With The Stars!   After this year’s visit, they received this note, from the sister of one chosen participant.  Just one small reason The Global Dance Initiative has chosen Drea’s Dream as one of our Heroes.  I hope this story inspires each of us to remember – each and every day – how powerful we are – to help others.

“Thank you so so much, I can’t believe we got so lucky to meet such an amazing group of women, your generosity and kindness is insane I hope we can meet again.  I seriously thank you for everything. Jenny has been a patient for the past 2 years and things like this make her feel important & she struggled so much with that.  I know she has felt so worthless at times and I just can’t thank you enough for making my sister smile. She means the world to me and I know she had an unforgettable night.  I’m not sure what you believe in but I truly think God sent you to us today. You’re an angel, God bless you. We love you forever thank you.” 

– Teresa Taylor

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