The Global Reach of Inspiration!

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When Amy Tinkham and I decided to create The Global Dance Initiative, we had one ultimate goal. To spark inspiration globally! We both so strongly believe that one spark can ignite the world.

Colleen Perry, of Free2BeMe Dance, is the perfect example of INSPIRATION! From the Czech Republic, Colleen received an email from a mom, inspired and hoping to help find her daughter Sofie, a way to dance! Sofie has down syndrome, and they had seen the beautiful film by Jeannette Godoy, about the program. Colleen had originally been inspired by Mickey Cassella, who runs an adaptive dance program in Boston. Colleen inspired Jeannette to create a beautiful film about the kids – and the result is that not only the life of one little girl might change, but that this spark just might continue forward, inspiring many others, across the world where our politics and borders are irrelevant. One little girl…one amazing mother and one spark is all it takes!

“Isn’t it funny that things that are meant to happen, just do so with such simplicity? Few people turned me down, but most of them started creating a chain of help. I found a dance studio in the city close to mine with people thinking to start a program for disabled children, [and I am] meeting them next week. Fingers crossed.”

– Kristýna Mátlová

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