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No Worries Now

Prom Night is a milestone event in any young person’s life. A night to get dressed up, have a fancy dinner, and dance with your friends. A prom is capable of transporting young people out of the routine of their daily lives and into a special night that seems radiant—as if anything could happen. It’s a kind of magic that… read more


I’ve been dancing all my life. Without realizing it, dance during my childhood years was an emotional salve for a lot of painful and uncomfortable experiences. Shyness in groups, hiding for fear of being seen, self-induced perfectionism. When I showed up at the dance studio every day after school, all my fear, vulnerability and pain came out through the movement,… read more

In Flight Dance

Donna Russo and I, Tam Warner came together because we are both dealing with life altering conditions. The particulars are these: Donna was a professional dancer and I was a professional dancer, current choreographer. Donna has adult onset muscular dystrophy and I have coronary artery disease and a rare inflammatory disease. So, while Donna is in a slow decline, ultimately… read more

Free 2 Be Me

Daisy Mercado came to us 4 years ago and at that time, she hadn’t spoken a word to any of us in the dance program. Her sister, Karina, would bring her to dance class every Sunday and would let me know that Daisy was talkative and very friendly outside of dance even though she was shy at the studio. Then… read more

Drea’s Dream

When we experience the loss of someone we love – most especially a child – it’s almost impossible to figure out how to carry forward, and how to heal a heart that carries that person so deeply inside. I recently had the honor of meeting Susan Rizzo Vincent, the founder and spirit behind Drea’s Dream. Susan’s daughter was lost too young. … read more

Welcome to the Global Dance Initiative

Welcome to the Global Dance Initiative. I have been so blessed to be involved in the dance industry for the past 28 years. And although my work was on the business side, the positive energy has always enhanced my life, in a way that is difficult to put into words. Dance is an art form that is enjoyed by billions… read more

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