Teresa Taylor

Dance is deeply instinctual to the human soul – the ultimate emotional and spiritual art form. Our most sincere hope is for the Global Dance Initiative to unite and spark the worldwide community to share the energy of dance…to heal, inspire and connect. Please join us as we celebrate the power of dance in our world, and how – together – we can truly make a difference.

- Teresa Taylor

A unique talent in the world of entertainment, Teresa has more than twenty creative years experience producing and brokering dynamic talent and projects with a focus in dance, music and television. Her various roles of producer, writer and former dance and choreography agent have allowed her to work collaboratively with some of the most visionary dance and creative artists in the industry.

The foundation of her own personal and artistic spirit is inspired by the depth and integrity of the creative visionaries she has had opportunity to represent or work with in collaboration. With each project, Teresa hopes to bring the creative teams together in a way that allows for creative freedom and artistic inspiration, allowing the energy of each production to have its own unique rhythm.

Of her vast slate of projects, Teresa was the producer for TV Moves! Live: A Tribute to Dance in Television, on behalf of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Additionally, she was an executive producer of the American Choreography Awards and the highly acclaimed Choreography Media Honors. Other credits include The Cultural Icon, Paris by Night, numerous productions for the LA Opera, and the annual Christmas Eve Special, the LA County holiday celebration she was exceptionally honored to produce the flagship show, Dance America! for USA at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, together with creative director Amy Tinkham, Teresa produced A Royal Wedding in Dubai, partnering with DesignLab Events on a spectacular show with 3,000 attendees.

She is the recipient of three Emmy Awards for an acclaimed series of specials for Children's Hospital Los Angeles titled Imagine in partnership with ABC, as well as an Emmy for The LA County Holiday Celebration.

Teresa is exceptionally proud to bring the heart of her career - the spirit of dance to The Global Dance Initiative. Her dream is use the power of dance in the media today, to ignite the positive power of dance globally to use this art-form to, quite simply, inspire life.


Amy Tinkham

At the core of each one of us is the desire to move, and to be moved. When we cut this off, we are isolated, and when we recognize it, we are connected to everything essential, restorative, and authentic. The Global Dance Initiative is a way to recognize and support this need to connect, heal, and celebrate through the universal language of dance, and courageously be who we were
truly meant to be.

- Amy Tinkham

Amy's interest in human behavior in its most spectacular and intimate expressions influenced her at an early age. Amy first used drawing and painting to understand her complex world—until she discovered that dance could provide another dimension to her voice as an artist.

She studied under dance visionaries like Erick Hawkins, whose honesty and fluidity of movement would greatly influence her approach to future collaborations with all types of performers. A professional dancer in New York City and Los Angeles in productions like BAM's Next Wave Festival, scores of MTV music videos, and films The Mask and The Big Lebowski, her exposure ultimately led her to choreography. Working with talent like Madonna, The Dixie Chicks, Earth, Wind & Fire, Aerosmith and Motley Crew, Amy then felt inspired to take her vision to a whole new level: directing.

Adept at bringing creative teams together in a highly collaborative and organic process, Amy finds her inspiration from the artists in the room, and thrives on the alchemy they create when together. From set design to lighting, video and costumes, she oversees the entire production, all while directing and producing. Whether it be a circus, music concert, or theater production, Amy believes the most moving and innovative productions are created when every person involved is invested and ignited creatively.

Amy recently creative directed A Royal Wedding in Dubai, partnering with DesignLab Events on a spectacular show with 3,000 attendees. Amy has produced tours for Paul McCartney, Paulina Rubio, Martina McBride, Yanni, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, The Backstreet Boys, Chicago, and Mariah Carey. She has also been a collaborator and director with Kenny Ortega on American Dance. Her extensive credits also include Disney's Sound of Magic, The Beatles: Love, and Dancing with the Stars: Live in Las Vegas.

Amy is a strong advocate of issues surrounding youth, arts education, and women's rights, directing The Highland Hall Hallapalooza with Melissa Etheridge and The Vagina Monologues at the Ruskin Group Theater in Santa Monica.

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