Welcome to the Global Dance Initiative

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Welcome to the Global Dance Initiative. I have been so blessed to be involved in the dance industry for the past 28 years. And although my work was on the business side, the positive energy has always enhanced my life, in a way that is difficult to put into words. Dance is an art form that is enjoyed by billions of people worldwide in so many ways. But the power that it has to heal, inspire and connect each of us to others, and ourselves, is why we are embarking on this journey. There are so many individuals, organizations and projects that are devoted to using dance to enhance the life of others. It is time to shine the light on these Heroes, and share a collective, powerful energy – to not only enhance and support their efforts, but to inspire others to do the same. We are honored to have the true Ambassadors of dance joining us in sharing their energy and stature in our industry, to help spread the awareness for our Heroes, and to inspire. And as we move forward, we will work to cross the boundaries of borders, and language, to unite the global dance community towards our goal. Together, we can Heal, Connect and Inspire through dance. Please join us… in spreading the movement! – Teresa Taylor

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