One World… One Language

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As the Global Dance Initiative builds it’s heartbeat, I am finding myself more and more amazed at the work being done in the world – using DANCE to improve the lives of others. As new Heroes are emerging, my faith is building more and more – that we just might help improve this crazy world of ours – one step at a time.

I had the honor of attending and speaking at the Hip Hop International in San Diego. Howard & Karen Schwartz’s passion to bring the world into a “United Nations” inspired environment has paid off and grown into something so powerful, that is not possible to put into words. Their show, America’s Best Dance Crew was inspired by the energy they felt, as these hip hop/street dancers brought their talents together to speak the universal language of our world – dance.

What was even more stunning was that, in that room of over 3,500 dancers from over 50 countries, there were no cultural barriers. No political barriers. The feeling of “one” was present. But when a group started dancing, the conversation really began. The dancers, speaking through their bodies and their choreography, were speaking a unifying message. Yes, they were competing, but the spirit of this challenge was a positive one.

I just wonder if the real United Nations had to do a pre-session dance moment each time they all sat down to solve one of our world’s most challenging issues, what might happen? If they were able to unify their energy and sit back down with their spirit “reset” to a positive place, I’d be willing to bet their spirit of global cooperation would change.

The most powerful language we can all speak – DANCE. Let’s Spread The Movement!


—Teresa Taylor

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