DIAVOLO’s The Veterans Project.

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1On Saturday, May 21st, The DIAVOLO Institute held its first Veterans Movement Workshop at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall. Under the leadership of Project Director Stephan Koplowitz, Institute Director Dusty Alvarado, and Community Liaison Arianne MacBean, thirteen Veterans fearlessly committed themselves to creative and collaborative movement exercises during phase one of DIAVOLO’s The Veterans Project. Amongst the participants was a Navy Seal, an Airborne Infantryman, and an Intelligence Officer. The energy in the room was a healthy blend of excitement and curiosity. Project Director and Workshop Leader Stephan Koplowitz expressed, “I was really impressed and inspired by the level of risk taking and unabashed fun everyone allowed themselves to have, especially given the diversity of backgrounds, ages and personalities. It reminded me exactly why I love doing what I do as an artist and teacher!”


2The Veterans Project is a new initiative that brings together Veterans from all around the Los Angeles area, offering DIAVOLO movement workshops on a bi-monthly basis. Following the workshop series, a select number of participants will be chosen to take part in a one-of-a-kind, fully produced performance piece alongside DIAVOLO dancers.


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