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Anyone Can Dance!

I’ve been dancing since I was three years old. My studio was my second home, more family than friends. I was there every day, either taking classes or teaching. When I went to college, I missed teaching. One of my friends mentioned that there is a rift between the professors of our college and the other members of the High… read more

Misty Copeland Dances to celebrate Drea’s Dream!

Special Guest Misty Copeland Dances with Children at MSKCC Monday, January 22, was like no other Monday.  The Andréa Rizzo Foundation wanted to do something special this year at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to celebrate their Dréa’s Dream dance/movement therapy program milestone of 15 years.  And special it was indeed.  Misty Copeland, principal dancer for American Ballet Theater, joined the foundation in… read more

How Dancers Are Changing Lives – You Can Too.

Here is one story that will touch your heart as deeply as it has touched ours. Watch this beautiful video to see how Ari and Drea’s Dream grew through the years because of Pazzaz dancers’ compassion for others and a strong love of dance. Pazazz Performers have let their hearts move their feet and made big things happen for so… read more

The Global Reach of Inspiration!

When Amy Tinkham and I decided to create The Global Dance Initiative, we had one ultimate goal. To spark inspiration globally! We both so strongly believe that one spark can ignite the world. Colleen Perry, of Free2BeMe Dance, is the perfect example of INSPIRATION! From the Czech Republic, Colleen received an email from a mom, inspired and hoping to help… read more


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the word “disabled.” It is an all-encompassing statement. It insinuates that a person is less than adequate… lacking functional qualifications…. Using the label creates an invisible hierarchy of overall worth. What has become clear to me over time, dancing with a community that is labeled as “disabled,” is that often times these… read more

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